BorderManager 3.8 with SP5
Windows XP Professional with SP2:
--Widnows Firewall has been disabled
--NetWare Client 4.91 with SP3
--ZENwork 7.0 agent installed
--Secure Login 3.5.1 Client
--iPrint Client 4.27
--GroupWise 7.0

In some workstation, clntrust.exe can not be loaded, basically, when you load clntrust either manually or through login script, you can see clntrust try to load in Task Manager, and there is more than 100 clntrust.exe more process generated Task Manager, and then all clntrust.exe process disappear.

I have tried different version of Clntrust.exe ( one is ver 1.4, 4/16/2002 size 36KB, another one is ver 1.4 11/23/2005 size 52KB ), there is no different, this only happen for several workstations, all other workstations works fine.

Any idea?

Jacky Zhang CNE,MCSE
Sr. Technical Support
Bridgepoint Health Hospital