I had the good fortune to have dinner this weekend with a bunch of tech
heads like myself. What I find interesting is the difference of opinion
that we had over different tech issue.

As an IT guy I kind of accept that Windows is what I have to use, but I
don't generally like it. So far I have been reluctant to buy Windows 7
machines for office use because of software incompatibility and general
networking issues I've had with Windows 7 (namely wireless problems and
the fact that Microsoft buried network management). Anywho, needless to
say I'm not a fan of Windows. Big surprise.

My tech buddies are all computer techs and are quite good at what they
do. They, and I stress, LOVE Windows 7. They think it's the greatest
thing since sliced bread and the wheel. They think Linux isn't any good
except for serving website and such. They think Apple is cool, but you
can't do anything with them. You get the picture.

We have different disciplines in the same area, but it amazed me at how
different our ways of thinking are.