A Quick background: most of our applications are MSI based and are set to lights out install during the middle of the night. They all have the same Availability Schedule. Under normal conditions this is not an issue since normally we are only updating or installing one application at a time. What can occur though is that more than one MSI based installs will kick off at the same time, one will complete and the others will error complaining of an install already running. Also, we are running Windows XP and ZEN 7.

Recently I've been working on replacing a significant number of our desktops. Our image does not include any of the applications that are installed in a lights-out fashion. So if I image a new workstation during the day I must leave it overnight for a couple of nights before it will refresh enough times and install all of the lights-out applications. If I need the workstation sooner, I must manually install the applications.

I'm thinking there must be a better way. My possible ideas are this:
1. Is there a way to tell the Windows Installer to "queue" installs, making multiple installs wait instead of erroring and complaining about another install being in progress? This would allow me to only have to wait one night after imaging.

2. Is there some way I can keep my applications scheduled as is but put another criteria in place to override the Availability Schedule? I'm thinking of some way to flag that a workstation has been recently imaged so that it would disregard the Availability Schedule and go ahead an install all the applications. Or maybe there is a way I could do this with chaining/dependencies?

Ideally, I want to avoid hand installing apps, waiting days for a freshly imaged workstation to have all of its programs installed, and avoid changing each of the lights out applications so that they will install immediately (many of the lights-out installs also reboot workstation, I do not want to change them knowing that it could potentially reboot another unrelated workstation during the work day).

Any ideas are welcome.