What has happened to the following config (proxy.cfg)?

ProxyReAuthorization = 1
UserName = [name]
Password = [password]

With the exception of "AlwaysSendAuthorizationToCERNParent = 1" these
setting have not worked since version 5.00.14 of the proxy.nlm. I decided to
test BM 3.9 & for some reason these "Proxy-Auth" setting have dropped of the
perch. I typed a 63 on the "Proxy Console" & these setting don't appear

I have had to back rev to a 3.8 proxy version.

Is there some other way of passing upstream credentials for basic
authentication? The upstream proxy is our only way out to the internet & we
have no System access to it.

I have also tried the most basic proxy.cfg. This did not work.

If not, can this feature be returned please.

Thanks in advance,