NW6SP5 with BM37SP3 and FP4E installed and patched as per
http://craigjconsulting.com/bmgrptch.html#nbm37 except for proxy.cfg
which is still the default

I've set up a few reverse proxies and whilst these work fine if you're
just browsing websites any attempt to download from an internal machine
to an external host will always stall. The download starts ok but
usually within the first 1MB will stall. It doesn't die down gradually
it just hangs. Sometimes you will get small bursts of download after
that but it will always timeout sooner rather than later. This happens
with HTTP downloads and FTP up/downloads. Internally everything works fine.

As I said everything works fine for web browsing it is just when larger
transfers are involved that there are problems. I am using HTTP and FTP
acceleration and have the relevant entries in the hosts file on the BM

Any suggestions gratefuly received.


P.S. Craig if you read this I did try the proxy.cfg from your site but
experienced a dramatic slowdown and had random numbers appearing on some
websites hence reverting back to the default.