Background: I am preparing to do an OES2 transfer id migration (oes2sp3 to oes2sp3) within the same tree. I plan to use migfiles or miggui for the file system and trustee migration. This server has home directories and the user objects have the home dir value specified. The home dir value is also called in the login script with the %HOME_DIRECTORY variable. The destination server will have the exact same servername, volume name, and directory structure as the source server.

Question: Will I need to do anything with the home directory value in the user object? I have always been under the impression that as long as the server name, volume name, and directory structure is the same, there will be no problem.

Reason: I was told that the home directory value the user object is tied to, is the volume id. The old volume object will be deleted, the new volume will need to be used. I was told that I will need to repopulate all the home directory variable fields as they will be cleared when the old volume object is deleted.

Can anyone shed any light on this subject?