We're using Network Policy Server (NPS) on Windows 2008 to handle RADIUS Authentication (PEAP w/ MS-CHAP-v2) from our Wireless LAN Controller for WPA2. This configuration works with standard windows accounts, mac clients, and even iPods. Trying to get this to work with 802.1x on the Novell client 4.91 SP5 on WinXP SP3 seems to be a problem, though. I've tried the latest IR1 rollup, too.

I haven't tried a packet capture yet, but I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if the Novell client uses some nonstandard MS-CHAP-v2 for 802.1x? I see in the NPS logs that the username comes across fine, but the password is being rejected. Does 802.1x in the Novell client only work with FreeRadius integrated with eDirectory?