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> Generally speaking if I had 2 BM servers with a site to site vpn set

> between these sites and had servers on both sides what do I have to

have to
> run an all IP environment - locally as well as across the vpn??

Routing must be working.

SLP must be working. This is where most people have a lot of
problems. If you
DISPLAY SLP SERVICES at each server, they should all have the same
number of
URL's and all servers should be listed in the nwservers category.

To get SLP working across the VPN, you will normally want to use a
Agent on each side.

I have tried
> to set up SLP but I am not sure that it is working. Is there an
> easier/better way to do this?

No, SLP needs to be working. (I do a lot of SLP configuration these
days as
it is so vital to site-site VPN working. You need to understand
DA's, and
scope naming, and the options in the SLP.CFG file).

> What do I need on the servers and what do I
> need on the client??? Tips and suggestion are greatly appreciated.


You need nothing on the client, except a default gateway and IP
Servers need to have working SLP.

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