I'm trying to find a way to implement a reasonable-cost 2-4TB iSCSI
device in an environment that currently has 3 Netware servers but will
migrate to OES & more in the future.

The device that I have to test with is provided by iomega, who no longer
support Netware at all. I have been unable to find any info on any
comparable device (i.e. in the $2K range rather than over $6K) from any
other mfr that still supports Netware, so I'm trying to find out if
there's a way to make this work.

Except that I haven't done iSCSI before at all.

The device came in with two pre-defined volumes: PUBLIC and BACKUP. It
does not do LDAP, but it seems to do just about everything else in
authentication (except, well, edir. In theory, there's supposed to be a
way to add CSNW, but I can't imagine what help that would be.)

At a server, I put in "ion"; no problem. (1.06.3)
iscsinit connect
"No target discovered at"
iscsinit connect public
gives me just a console prompt back, no error but no acknowlegement.

However, the volumes can't be seen in any discernible way after doing
this (i.e. NSSMU, NRM, or anything else I've seen mentioned in my travels.)

Now what?

I'm thinking maybe the issue is that the volumes are pre-defined, but if
I delete those volumes, how can I create new ones if the Netware server
can't connect using the device address alone?

The documentation on iSCSI for Netware seems to encompass about a page
of information with no troubleshooting suggestions, and the very barest
of steps which I've tried to follow above.

"public" is open to the public, and in any case, it seems to me that the
server can't see it beyond knowing it exists, not that it can't
authenticate to it.

I can understand if I need to add the space under Netware instead of the
pre-defined volumes (which clearly aren't going to be NSS) but I can't
see how I would do that if my server can't see the device beyond "it
exists". (FWIW, the device does work & is correctly visible from
Windows workstations.)

Any suggestions? Is there any other non-hugely-expensive option to add
a few TB that a Netware server can see, given that SCSI-based devices
like the Storageworks seem now pretty much gone or at least horrendously

I doubt there is any significant difference, but the level of devices
I've been looking at are from iomega, Netgear and the like, in the
few-thousand-$$ range. It would be hard to justify spending more than
that, when I could just add a whole new Netware server with a few TB of
drivespace for $5-6K or so. And we do have gigabit ethernet throughout
the site.

I feel sure that this will work just fine when we migrate the site to
OES-or-more -- the device clearly supports Windows and *NIX -- but right
now, we have Netware and need to have Netware for a while more.

I remember that the old Snap! servers did this by essentially looking
like Netware 3.11 servers, hanging off the network the same way. I
don't know any current alternatives to iSCSI, and HP's current
Storageworks is about $7K for 2TB of space that apparently *will* work
with Netware. Bad enough that apparently putting the disks into a 19"
rack-mountable form adds a good $900-1200 to the cost over a tower.

Hope I am not leaving out any info. I'm just desperate to find out if
this can work, and if so, HOW.

Thanks. Hoping for an answer soon, too!

-- DEsperately-seeking-solutions