I'm cleaning up a tree with multiple DNIP:Locator objects and have a couple of questions. There are several OES1 Linux servers running DNS/DHCP services and it appears that the DNIP:Locator object for those servers' DNS is at the top of the tree. There is one OES2sp1 server running DHCP server with dhcplocator object at the top of the tree but DNIP:Locator object farther down.

My intention is to use a new OES2sp2 server to consolidate all DNS/DHCP services with associated objects at the top of the tree.

1. Can I move the existing dhcplocator object without breaking the existing service, if so is there a recommended method?

2. Can I use the existing OES1 DNIP:Locator object when installing the new OES2sp2 server. Since it is at the context I want to use and is responsible for several servers, I'd rather not have to rebuild it from scratch .

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if more detail is needed.