We have data synchronizer running on sles11sp1 server with GroupWise
8sp2 running on sles10sp2 server. On mobility monitor, it shows synced
for all the users in sync state but none of the devices have ever got
connected or initialized. The firewall on datasync is not running right
now. The error from the devices say "unable to verify account
information". Both servers sit behind NAT of Cisco router. We have
already configured to bind datasync server internal ip address to the
public ip address and open the port 443 (which is the port configured on
the mobility connector.Here is the configuration on the router:

ip nat inside source static 10.x.x.x (server's internal ip) 72.x.x.x
(public ip)

ip access-list OutsideIn
permit tcp any host 72.x.x.x (the binded public ip) eq 443

Do I miss anything here? Do I need to add something at ip access-list
InsideOut? If yes, what is it?

I would really appreciate it if someone can give any advice on this.

By the way, we configured the exactly same way for our GroupWise
webaccess email and it works fine. That is why I do not understand why
datasync connector does not work. Is there something more that I need to
configure for datasync connector on the router?