I have been having some issues with slow response time from a PC doing
client to site.

I believe the problem lies with the PC as I can take my laptop over
there and get a decent response. I also think the problem is with the
NT TCP stack .... so I removed all protocols, all adapters, Novell
CLient, RAS and VPN client from the network options and started over.
Then I started to rebuild first install the adapter, then IP, then the
client, RAS, and then VPN client.
Now I am having a problem getting TCP to bind to the ethernet card. It
instead binds to a BM virtual driver for the card and there is not an
option for the Ethernet card from the TCP Protocol options drop down
list. This means the PC does not get an IP address. I removed the VPN
client and now I get an IP address on the Ethernet card. I still need
to get VPN client on but wanted to check on this issue before I spend
too much time.