I am posting this here because I do not know where else to ask this. Running Oes2 SP3 and we are running out of space on 1 array. Oes2 server has 2 arrays: array A is / and array B is /opt. We are looking to expand array B. The controller card is a IBM 5l and the drives are hot-swappable. I need to do this without reinit'ing array B and definitely without loosing any data. I have read posts on different ways of doing this, one way says add the drive as a hot spare, another way says use mdadm to do this. I would like to know what you guys do in this case? We are going from smaller drives already in array B to larger drives in array B. In other words, we are replacing the drives in array B. What do you think about doing this: removing one of the drives in array B, install the larger drive in that bay and let the array rebuild. Then remove the other drives, 1 by 1, install the larger drives in those bays and letting them rebuild. Would this work?