First let me say I'm cheap :-)

I'm looking to replace my Maia Mailguard system (how much cheaper can you get
than free?). It's becoming more and more troublesome to maintain, and more and
more spam leaks through.

I will say that I use Astaro Security Gateway, and the anti-spam on there is
really quite good, and I might be tempted to just go that route, but there are
some deficiencies that I would prefer to not have to deal with. Here's exactly
what I "want" based on what I have with the Maia system:

1. Flexible routing for multiple domains. I.e., should be
scanned and sent to one server, mail scanned and sent to a different
server, etc.

2. Email portal for all users that is either "self-serve" (i.e., logins are
just created for users as mail is received or a "domain" login can be created
for an administrator.

Other than "it works", those are really my only two requirements. Maia does
both. Astaro only does #1.

I'd prefer a sofware or "soft appliance" solution.

Is there anything out there that I'm overlooking?


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