Can somebody help explain why.
1-I can recieve and send e-mails through my Gwia
2-I cannot telnet port 25 from the internet but I can from the intranet. I asked the fire/wall guys to check and they say port 25
110 and 143 are open
3-I can configure my mobile phone to send and recieve e-mails through port 110 and 25 but I cannot send e-mails from outlook
I can only recieve them
4-When I telnet port 110 from the internet, I get a response and it can be seen on the fire/wall logs, but when telneting port 25
nothing even reaches the fire/wall logs according to the guys working with the fire/wall, but they can see normal smtp traffic
through the fire/wall ( I think showing communications with other smtp servers).
5-I changed one of the smtp servers port to 2525 and now I can telnet it. One server is on Lunix and one is Netware both are
showing same problems. I never had this problems until about 10-15 days ago