I am having an issue with duplicate workstation ids in ZCC. Any time a machine is reimaged a new workstation entry will appear with the computer name and a GUID. In my environment we use an unattended install of windows 7 and then any additional software (IE ZENworks Client) is installed at first login. So I know that the issue is that the Agent is reinstalled and the server sees it as a new client with the same computer name. So my question is what are you supposed to do to prevent this from happening? I know that there is Auto-reconcile settings for "Inventory Only" clients but I am running the Adaptive Agent. I have seen references to using "zac fsg" but this seems like it is only for when you are capturing an image to deploy to other machines which I am not. So how do you reinstall a client or reimage a machine so that it retains its ID?

I can capture data from the machine before it is imaged and put it back after but I have no idea where to start or if that is even the right thing to attempt.

Please forgive me if this is a duplicate thread. I searched and could not find any information about my specific issue. Thank you in advance for your responses and information.