So I finally took the plunge and went from NNTP to HTTP (seemed like a good time while changing my computer) - you would know me as JJB from NNTP posts, some questions if you don't mind.

I went to this forum and I subscribed to it, so what happens now? It doesn't seem like anything changed with the first page that comes up after I log in, I assumed that forums I subscribe to would show on some home page or favorites lists for easy access. I can get to this chat forum by choosing it manually, but... so is there a home page I can configure or some easy way to quickly see what forums I'm subscribed (ie: interested in)?

I wanted to quickly locate all my NNTP posts by searching on JJB (which shows in all my posts) and open each thread going back a few months, and subscribe to each one, so I would get an email notification if somebody put in a reply to something I put in earlier (or was asking for more info on something I helped with), but searching JJB didn't bring up all my posts - odd... in any case if I understand correctly, when I post something (such as this) or reply to a post or so on, it will auto add to my subscriptions, and I'll get an email notification on my email when there's new posts, or I can look at my subscriptions and see them there - do I have this straight?

Any other tips for a user going from NNTP to HTTP would be appreciated.