I have a multi-server tree on one of our OES Linux servers DSFW was installed. I want to remove DSFW from this server.

I looked at TID - 7000122 but I don't follow

1. Make the existing server master of all partitions and remove the DSfW server from the rings. See TID 7002415 to designate a new server object.
2. Delete the DSfW server object

I don't really want to delete the server - it is hosting other services. The server only contains a R/W partition of just root, which I can easily remove but that only seems to apply if I were to destroy this server. I only want to remove DSFW. Can I just remove the Pattern for Novell Domain Services for Windows and delete all the objects in the tree?

Thanks for the help, I don't even know how DSFW was installed on this server. We don't really have a need for it currently.

Please help me out in my ignorance.