Have 3 Netware 6 servers LA1 is the CA server LA2 is a new netware server that I want to host the CA on. That is move the CA from LA1 to
LA1 will be removed from the tree in the near future since it has
intermitent hardware problems. There is also a Border Manager 3.7
server that has VPN site to site conections. This server is the Master

VPN Server. It is my understanding that the Border manager Server
certificates. All servers are upto NICI 2.01

When I try to export the CA with the privite key it gives me an error

saying it can not export the privite key. I found a TID that stated
the CA may have been created by a Certificate Server that can not
export the privite key. Because I can not export the CA privite key I

can not Move the CA to the LA2 server without deleting it and
recreating it.

If there is no way around this problem and I delete the existing CA
recreate it on the LA2 server I fear I will have problems with my
site-to-site VPN connections. My problem and question is what problems

can I create with the Border manager VPN site to site connection. I
would hate to travel to the remote site to recreate it. Can this be a

problem and if so are there workarounds.