I found this related TID - "DSFW Channel upgrade fails with "ndsconfig failed to upgrade and start eDirectory"" This document (7007507)

CONFIG_LDAP_ADMIN_CONTEXT="cn=Administrator,cn=Use rs,dc=novell,dc=com"

The channel upgrade accepts the eDir password but is failing to accept the DSFW password, which I assume is the same password as my tree Administrtor. The actual oes-ldap file said something similar for both of the usernames - in the format 'cn=admin.o=novell' which corresponding to my tree admin. The TID says to put CONFIG_LDAP_ADMIN_CONTEXT="cn=Administrator,cn=Use rs,dc=novell,dc=com" is that really a generic username?

I guess I am at a loss. I'd really just like to uninstall DSFW from this server but it looks like you must destroy the server to do so and it offers more services that just DSFW. It doesn't look like we'll be using DSFW.

Can someone help me understand enough to at least get my Channel upgrade to go through so that I can get the server back up and running.