I am about to setup a site-site VPN and I am looking for some good
information regarding NDS design and implications.
I will be connecting a small satellite office to the main office. Main

office has about 300 users, 1 file and print server and 1 GW post
office, plus a lot of other less important stuff. All users, servers
common resources are in the same NDS context. The remote office will
have about 8 - 10 users in total (most will be only occasional users),

who are already defined in NDS and GW.
Ideally, all users will be accessing all data, documents and mail from

the main office. I do not want to have any data at the remote

My question is - Is there any good documentation that discusses
scenarios for VPN setup with respect to NDS design and discusses the
pros and cons of each scenario?
If not, then why not?

Chris Frick, MSc, MCNE
Systems Analyst
Middlesex-London Health Unit
London, Ontario