I have recently (in the last week or so) started seeing most if not all of my machines start prompting for permission during a remote control attempt.

After doing some trouble shooting what I have tracked down is the default policy is applying to the devices rather than the policy that I created that allows remote control with no prompt.

These are the things that I have attempted so far without any succesfull results.

Cleared the cache and used the zac command to re apply all policies. When I do a list policies with the zac command it lists none.

I have re-created the policy and applied it to the devices.

I have tried applying the policy to a specific device instead of a container.

I a look at the device in the console i shows the policy and that it is effective but when I go to the agent on that device it shows that the default is applied.

Anyone have any ideas?? This is going to become a huge problem for our helpdesk if I cannot get this figured out.

Thanks in advance.