Finally found time to change my admin machine to Windows 7 (and kept my XP one available for a while), looked through various TID's and postings and have following questions please.

TID#7005545 - Installing ConsoleOne on Windows 7 - last modified 06-04-2010, says that C1 is only supported in Windows 7 for GroupWise administration, and must be installed from GW8SP1 or higher. However TID#7006385 - ConsoleOne support for Windows 7 - last modified 06-30-2010 (newer), is with regards to question "Does ConsoleOne supported on Windows 7 workstation?" mentions you have to use the one from GW8SP1 or higher but doesn't say it's only for GroupWise

So my question is, if I install C1 off of GW8SP1+ to my Win 7 PC, and the GW snap-ins, first off is this all I need for GroupWise? Secondly can I now use it to change login scripts and other eDir ops like I could in XP since TID#7006385 is no longer limiting C1 to GroupWise only? Or is that a simple omission on their part?

Next I found a posting in this forum where one member suggested to run C1 in XP mode, is this generally what everyone does and is it pain free? Can I just use the C1 that I used in XP computer, copied to my Win 7 computer, put it in XP mode, and use this for GroupWise and other eDir ops (such as modifying login scripts)?

I realize I can use iManager for all non-GW work, but sometimes it's easier in C1.

Appreciate your comments