Hey there,

i am curious of there is more people than me having following "bug":
Since upgrading to Groupwise Client 8.02 HP1 the Notify.exe seems to have a problem.
I experienced this issue multiple times on two user workstations till now, both Windows XP SP3.

Notify is in the Startup Folder and loads just fine when the PC is booted, but the problem is, Notify.exe runs, and also shows notifications, but the Task Icon is not shown.
I tested this issue on some VMs, but it seems that this only happens when the PC is under heavy duty when booting up. It does not happen every time.
Sometimes i just wonder why the icon is not there, looking at task manager shows that its running.

The SP2 build worked just fine. I am willing to try to exchange the notify.exe for test with the old one but keeping the new Client, anyone experienced with that already and what should not be forgotten when you do so ?

Having another issue in this context, that i would like feedback on. I know notify never has been a stable thing about opening mails you get notifications on, but with the newest build we have this issue on all workstations. you get for example a new mail, get the notification and were not currently working in the client (so it didnt get actual refreshed), then you click "read" on the notification and it happens nothing. Though the client is open in background, it does not open anything, especially if youre not in the mailbox folder.
Any feedback appreciated.