We have two environment with shared roaming profile on a netware share. the first environment includes our winxp desktop clients with its own gpo policy package and the second environment is our citrix w2003 server environment for the VD users at home with its own gpo policy package.

Both environment policy packages have the appropiate os requirements set. When a user logs in to xp and out everything works fine accept for the local admin user which gets stuck with the policy pack of the last logged in user.

When the user logs in in the citrix environment and later logs out en logs in to the xp environment he gets stuck with the policy pack of the citrix server.

It seems that the requirements settings are not being honoured. When i check the currently active policies in zcm client the correct policy packages deployed succesfully. why do i get the policy of the last logged in user and not the currently succesfully deployed policies.

I wish the setting from zdm "group policies remain effective on logout" was still pressent. that way i whas always shure none of the policies remained active after logout when i did not want to.

does anybody have a solution for this problem. our zcm version is 10.3.1