I started getting the "Could not download bundle content for Internet Explorer because a ZENworks server could not be located" error at one of our locations. I'm absolutely stumped on this one. ZCM 10.3.1 - Windows clients, Linux servers.

Confirmed that the closest server rules we have enacted are being honored on the client (zac zc -l)
Wireshark also confirmed that the client is talking to the correct server, however part of my confusion is due to the fact that it fails over to the next server in line and seems to establish a connection, but still comes up with this error.

If I do a zac zhs on the satellite in question, the "WebServer" service(?) is stopped, where it is not stopped on the other satellites. I'm a linux/server n00b to say the least, and have not been able to find ANYTHING regarding what this even means, no less how to turn it on or off. We tried restarting the server, no dice.

What to do next!?