Windows 7 Professional
Novell client for Windows 7 version 2 sp1 (and SP1 IR4)
Groupwise 8.01 hp1 on NW6.5 SP 8

map root f:=%HOME_DIRECTORY%
Archive locked to F:\

GW8.01 hp1 client, GW8.02 client, GW 8.02 hp1 client (all have same problem behaviour).

New user cannot create their archive - get 8201 file not accessible error. The error pops up when trying to archive an email or simply to open an empty archive

Readme reports this issue is resolved in gw8 sp2 but that didn't resolve it in our environment.
586452 - Error 8201 while accessing archive folder on Network Drive using Windows 7

I guess the issue is a Windows 7 security setting somewhere not allowing creation of a folder at the root of a mapped network drive????

My work round for the user I've been testing with was for the user to manually create the ofFIDarc folder on their F: drive and the GW could archive emails and open the archive. Now to hope it works for the director 3 setps up my chain of command.