After change of ISP I tried to put back together the VPN. The change
was on a slave server NW6 sp2 BM 3.7

When adding the slave server to the VPN on the master. The call gets
established, but drops. It is coming up again after reinitialize. But
it seems never long enough, slave stuck on being configured.

I can see it is learning the routes to other network.

The following messages appear on the console:

Disconnecting WAN call VPTUNNEL IP adress because the remote router is
not responding to the TIMER REQUEST packet.

17-02-2003 18:18:34 : CSL-2.6-12

Call disconnection for protocol IPX to destination


The event occurred for an unknown reason.

17-02-2003 18:18:34 : IPXRTR-6.60-120

Call to destination VPTUNNEL IP adress is disconnected

Can anyone help me fix this ?