I've just completed a clean install of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64-bit on VM. I installed ZCM 10.3.1 on top of it and applied all updates. I have it attached to a Active Directory Data store and it can see users and workstation objects. Everything was working great until I did a couple more windows updates. One of the updates was .net framework 4, which I think is what is causing the issue.

Now computers with the Zen agent are unable to log in.
They can enter their active directory user info and log into AD, but the computer kind of freezes up and eventually a Zenworks Configuration Managment login comes up. No matter what credentials I enter in this box, it won't log in. I end up having to click cancel to get to windows.
An error I get when trying to log in is "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect."

I'm not sure what to do here, does anyone have any ideas?