Trying to setup a backup routine based on the documentation.

When I run the command:
zman zenserver-backup /root/zcm_backups/zone_backup.bak
I get the error message:
Error:Could not connect to the ZENworks Server using SSL. If you are connecting to a server on a different management zone, use the --cleartext option to connect without SSL because zman will not be able to validate the servers certificate. If the ZENworks Server is running on a port other than 443, use the --port option to specify the correct port. Note that the ZENworks Servers on the OES platform are usually configured on a different port because the port 443 is in use by another application.
I have checked my administrator name and password by logging into ZCC with it. I have made sure that the directory is there and can be written to.

So I tried with the --cleartext parameter and get:
Error:An internal error occurred. Please check the zman log for more information.
The first error message is probably what I need to concentrate on. I am running ZCM on a single SLES10.3 box. So there should be no SSL issues involved.

Has anybody seen this error message. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

But it also brings up the question of where the zman log is? I have searched on the server and even searched the documentation, but I come up blank. Thanks for a tip on this.