I've always had a hard time running BM VPNs from my home
mindspring/earthlink adsl. I'm on 3.7 now.

I'm looking for advice on getting BM 3.7 to work from my home
(covad) adsl account. My home connection is earthlink with a "home
networking" package, dsl modem and a '2wire home portal' hardware
for nat and dhcp. Have a static IP address on the outside of this
I have opened the 4 tcp and udp ports on the 2wire that I found in the
tid. I can connect the VPN with "login to NetWare" Unchecked, but
"tree or server not found" when logging into netware after the VPN
link is

Took my laptop to next-door-neighbor, who's on different ISP (megapath
Covad) using a netopia dsl modem/router, and the VPN worked fine.

(I'd switch ISP's to my neighbor's but his connection is twice as
but 4 times slower....)

I'm considering buying a linksys or netopia router and trying to
replace my
2wire with that. Does anyone know if I can do this? Do you think
earthlink dsl connection would work that way? Apparently, this
"2wire home
portal" device works with most VPNs but not BorderManager.

Thanks for any advice. I'm a newbie / VPN challenged as you can tell,
type slowly...