We have a Site->Site VPN set up between a main office server and a
branch office server. NW6SBs and BMEE 3.6, ADSL connection to
for VPN. Runs great, no problems, ping shows about 117ms over the

I have set up a Client->Site VPN from home office to main office
using the BM 3.7 VPN client on an ADSL connection. It connects, I
all the other good stuff, but the performance of applications over the

Client->Site VPN is much worse than the Site->Site. Ping over the
Client->Site VPN shows about 120ms, almost the same as the Site->Site.

However, there is one application in particular (Amicus Attorney V)
is exceptionally slower on the Client->Suite than the Site->Site, and
also experience some data loss (or inability to read the Amicus
database) over the VPN.

The only difference between the two ADSL connections is that the homeoffice ADSL connection is about 384K, while the one at the Site->Sitebranch office is a faster connection, about 1G down, I think. I have
up the home office computer on the client->site connection with a 1408

MTU, which is what Tweakmaster reported.

Any ideas on what the problem might be, what there is such a dramaticdifference between the two VPN types, and how to fix it?

Chip Reinhardt