Hello all: Last night while vpn'ing from home, I was once again
to access one of my servers. Having seen this behavior before, I
instantly thought "routing problem". When I checked the server
table using TCPCON, sure enough, the default route was set

Now here is the strange part. In the past, while trying to get vpn up

in the first place, I had routing problems. I had to delete the
route uing TCPCON and INETCFG, then recreate. That worked fine. So,

this morning, while in TCPCON, I highlighted the incorrect default
route, and hit delete to remove it. Much to my surprise it instantly

chnaged to the correct route. So my questions are:

Why did it get reset back to the wrong route so begin with??
Why did it change to the correct route when I hit delete ( and not
remove the default route line altogether (in TCPCON)).
How do I prevent this from happening in the future??

thanks always, Chris.