I wasn't sure which forum to use to post this question, so I thought I would
do it here.

Our OES2 maintenance contract is up soon. There is a serious discussion
that we should not renew this, but instead plan a move to Windows servers.
We currently use Netware 6.5 for our file and print services, and have a
number of Windows application servers. To stay with Novell for file and
print, etc. means an upgrade to OES2. So, the discussion has gone, why not
simply migrate so all our servers are Windows rather than have a mixed shop.
I have been unable on my own to find good current documentation on the
benefits of staying with Novell and upgrading to OES2 versus migrating to
Windows. Can anyone point me to any white papers, case studies, etc. that I
can use to bolster my argument that OES2 will be a benefit to us?

Thank You

Brad Johnson

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