I am running ZCM 10.3.1 on SLES11 64bit with 6GB RAM.
We have the following issue on Windows 7 Workstations.
Volatile User (but should only be removed after 15 days).
But sometimes if a user logs in within that timeframe he/she does get a fresh profile.
Note we are not using roaming profiles.
I have even disabled Volatile user, but gives the same behavior.
Usually it is working fine, but sometimes this happens, ZCM is still in a pilot, but this is the only issue preventing us from implementing it company wide.

I have a zmd-messages.log on debug mode from when it occurs and I found this in the log from when it happened:

[DEBUG] [01/17/2011 15:50:14.029] [1752] [ZenworksWindowsService] [4] [pctestuser] [ZMD] [] [User daemon call Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.EnvironmentVariableConfigUserM odule.GetEnvironmentVariable(UserProfile) to session 889446 failed after 0.005 seconds] [] []

Any insight/suggestions?