We are a small office but a heavy DMS user still using GW704 on OES2/SLES10,
WIN XP workstations and still using MS Office 2003 (98% is Word and Excel
and PDF docs). I am getting requests for newer MSoffice features, easier
webaccess use, replacement for failing workstations and the like. We need
to move forward (GW8, Win7, newer office version) but obviously I want to
minimize downtime and avoid being a target. I am having some trouble making
sense of what combinations of OS, NW client, GW DMS and Office are truly
stable (not what is in the support list, but what actually is being used
successfully on a work-a-day basis) for other users out there-my consultant
is having no more luck than I getting solid answers. Would appreciate if
anyone would weigh in on what is truly working for them now. Thanks.