Server "STORAGE" (netware 6 sp5) is our remote storage location for groupwise libraries (88 in total). There are no agents, etc on this server. Purely 6TB of storage over 3 volumes (DMS, DMS2, DMS3). I have already created a new post office on linux and have moved the users to that (sfpo). The existing post office (asbpo) only handles the libraries.

I need a solution to move these docs elsewhere, probably spread over multiple new servers, to keep the volumes/luns/partitions smaller for faster backups, maintenance, etc.

Is it possible to move a library to a new server? I'm aware that Novell doesn't support remote storage locations if the post office is on linux, as well.. so that throws another wrench into the mix. It'd be nice if you can move one library at a time or so, because doing it all at once with that amount of data would take days

Most of the libraries are fairly small in size, but there are a few that are around 900gb each. I'm open for ideas... let them flow!