I believe I'm having some sort of SLP issue on my SLES OES2
NetStorage servers, was hoping somebody could suggest some
places to look. First, my environment:

2 x SLES 10 SP3 x64 w/ OES2 with NetStorage configured identically on each
Novell Cluster services configured on both with a generic IP resource for NetStorage.
eDirectory 8.8 SP2

Most of the rest of my tree is NW 6.5 SP7 eDir 8.8 SP2

I created a test user in a test container to isolate the
problem. Using container login script with server names in
the map drive statements, NetStorage login takes 2.5 minutes
or so. It eventually does finish and seems to work fine after
that. If I replace the server names with IPs, its almost
instant login.

I used Wireshark on the Suse box that was running NetStorage,
and I can see the server request SLP name resolution for one
of the servers in the MAP statements from the SLP DA (SLP DAs
are two NW 6.5 SP7 boxes). It responds with correct
information in .028 seconds. So as far as I can tell, SLP is
resolving the server name correctly and quickly, but
something is still horribly wrong if it takes that long to

Is there anything I can do to verify correct SLP setup on my
Suse boxes? The functional parts of my /etc/slp.conf are:
net.slp.interfaces = 10.x.x.115
net.slp.useScopes = SLP_SCOPE
net.slp.DAAddresses = 10.x.x.18,10.x.x.19
net.slp.isBroadcastOnly = false

I set the slp.interfaces to the IP of the suse box instead of the cluster's master resource or netstorage IP based on some advice found in another post. I also confirm that if I shut down NCS on one of the serves and use NetStorage with that node's IP I get the same results, so I'm thinking it's not an interface mixup.

Any help is appreciated, I am pretty green with linux so its entirely possible I missed something simple.