We are testing Skype 5.x and couldn't get "add contacts" to work. All other
fuctionality was OK, it was only add contacts that didn't work, the app just
said, "check your internet connection" which is absolutely stupid because
everything else in Skype worked as expected, over internet.
After extensive troubleshooting I found the issue; when you install ZenWorks
(ZfDAgent.msi) it adds an empty registry key:
"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\In ternet Settings\HTTP
If I remove the empty "RPA" key, add contacts in Skype works.

I'm not sure what this key actually does, it's added by the ZenWorks install
even if you choose only "Application Launcher".
A wild guess is that it's connected to Middle Tier somehow, since it
obviously is a http setting.

I can't notice any change in ZenWorks functionality after removing this
(empty) key, but N.B., we don't use Middle Tier.

So, does anybody know anything about this key?

Rolf Lidvall
Swedish Radio (Ltd)