Hi Forum,

im sitting here infront of a Netware 6 SP2 Server with BM 3.7 SP1
on it. Now i want to get the VPN working. I have setup a VPN Master
with the
ip address the router has we got from our isp and a ip address on the
side we dont have in our network. (like 212.202.xxx.xxx and
i establis a connection from my laptop to my personal isp and then
open the
vpn lan client with the option set the he should do no netware login
and i
input the ip the router has (the 212.202.xxx.xxx) he does a login. But
cant ping something in our network and i cant use the netware client
login to our server (the client says that the tree or server cant be
in the audit log i see
the messages:
a connection was opend for a vpn client at address xyz
vpn client user name at address xyz is admin.xyz
a request was made to add a user that contained the an address that
was in
client admin.xyz added to IPSEC
VPN Client xyz has been authenticated
created a connection for admin.xyz
computed outbound shared key for connection admin.xyz

i hope that you can help me to connect a pc via vpn to
the server