We have some systems which stay offline for long periods of time and during that time Zen becomes un-managed and thus users are unable to login to that system. The problems were facing are:
-User doesn't remember their Windows password from X months ago (out sick/surgery/pregnant/etc, their Novell passwords can be reset, but since Zen is un-managed it will not update Windows).
-We don't know which password to use to access the local account (these passwords are changed on a regular basis via Zen and lock for X amount of time after X tries)
-We cannot access the system with a valid Novell account because ZenWorks refuses to create a local account (DLU) due to it being un-managed.
-Our PC Support staff does not un-register workstations when re-imaging, so we end up with duplicate (+ random GUID) devices, so we set it to 45 days to expire them sooner.

Any suggestions for this issue? So far we've had to re-image a number of machines just to get access to the machine again. Others we've just kept attempting different passwords over a few days until we got in.