Hi Joel,

> I built it on two different servers with the same results. The first

> one was ATM so in an effort to isolate the problem The second one

> built on a Ethernet server and had the same problem. I have two

> VPN servers running on BM 3.7 (no SP) and BM 3.6. They are running

> similar servers (IBM Xseries 1130Mhz, 512M boxes). They never did

> the CSAUDIT problem.

Let me understand - does the server STILL abend with CSAUDIT
turned off?
when you rebuilt the second server, did you use different hard
controllers etc?

> It kind of leads me to believe I am overtaxing
> these boxes with this link and the LSL abends/CS Audit abends are

> a symptom showing up.

What logs ar eyou enabling?
What is this server used for? When you say that you have 130 users,
these all using the VPN?

> I was thinking of decreasing the encryption to
> 64 bit or adding a second processor to help.

a second processor will not help. BM will not use it (for the time

I also don't think that the encryption will help - unless you noticed
the abends are associated to a high traffic on the VPN.
Can you give me some details on the infrastructure of your network?
kind of connection, switches or hubs, etc)

> Thanks a lot! And I really looking forward to meeting you at
> Brainshare!

TUT 345!
Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop