I had a while back subscribed Novell News as an RSS feed/button in my browswer, but recently clicking on it would just show at the top of the list "Live bookmark feed failed to load" - the location of the feed is http://www.novell.com/news/press/RSS

So... I went to Press Room and was redirected to Press Room, and I found an RSS button, so I clicked on it, and on the subsequent page subscribed to it, after which there was a new "Novell RSS Search Res..." button in my browser. I click on that, and at the top all that's there is "EMPTY" and below that is a choice to open Novell RSS Search results, which brings me to a search page...

Now on the Press Room page there's a bunch of news items, so I would think their RSS feed would reflect that on the button directly like other RSS feeds.

Is something broken?