I have the ZCM 10.3.2 agent installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server. This server has multiple IP addresses:

169.168.x.x (APIPA) = IBM USB Remote NDIS Network Device
10.1.x.x = LAN NIC

In ZCC when the IP addresses are listed as above it shows, "ZENworks Agent Status: Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name" but when the 10.1.x.x IP address is top of the list it works. When it is "unable to connect", doing a refresh from the agent updates ZCC with contact time but when I try to do a refresh from ZCC on the device it fails.

I don't manage the server and don't know what the IBM USB Remote NDIS Network Device is or how it should be configured. We have other servers with multiple IP's and they work fine.

I thought ZCM should try to contact the device on all of it's IP addresses? I saw a customer had sent an enhancement request to specify the devices IP for ZCM (if needed).

Any ideas?