I have a site to site VPN solution running. The master is a NetWare
4.11 Sp9
box with BME 3.6. The slave is a NetWare 6 sp2 BM 3.7 box. They are in

different partitions, the slave holds a subordinate of partition the
master resides in.

Due to lack of space on the DOS partition I am going to remove NDS on
master VPN server and then I have new drives with NetWare 6 and BM
installed. I will have to install it into the tree.

I am not sure what is the best way to accomplish this. My thoughts
1. Remove VPN configuration off of the slave
2. Free the Slave off the master
3.remove VPN config from Master
4. Remove DS from the Master
4. Bring up new server and install into tree
6. create VPN master
7. Create VPN slave

I was hoping someone could provide input on this plan.