The GW authentication is not working for me. Here's what I did:

1. Setup a new Mobility server (build 183) with LDAP authentication.
2. Added a user, made sure a phone could connect with LDAP. (Android)
3. Switched authentication on the Mobility Connector to GW, and then restarted the server.

(I noticed the phone was still receiving email after the change.)

4. I attempted to update the phone with the GW password instead of eDir.

(got an error, it didn't like the GW password. Generic authentication error.)

5. I deleted / re-added the account on the webadmin page. And also delete / re-added the account on the phone.

(it still will not let me register with GW password, only LDAP works)

Any ideas? The reason I'm testing "switching" from LDAP to GW is that I have another Mobility server with dozens of people on it and I want to know what to expect when we turn on GW authentication for them.