Greetings to all,

we have noticed a problem with the content/format of the from address received when emails are sent from a phone/ipad/etc using the Mob Pack.

For example, Bob sends an email to me. It arrives fine and I can see the content fine, but the From address shows as "Bob User <bobu" (without the quotes) and note the truncated address. This is noticed both in the GW client and on the device. If someone whose device shows the from address as "firstname lastname<email@address>" (note the lack of a space after the lastname) sends to me then it comes through OK.
This seems to happen from iDevices - though not all that we have. There is at least 1 iPhone 4 that does not have the problem and I can't identify what might be different about the ones that do have the problem. I have a 3GS and do have the problem. Android devices do not do it, once it seems, the "Your Name" field is set in the account settings. I haven't been able to test from any other devices as yet.

Mob pack version 183.
iDevices are all (I think) 4.2.1
Android devices - Samsung Galaxy S 9000i on 2.1 and Nexus 1 on 2.2.

Any help appreciated!