I have three primary zcm servers installed in my zone.

The original primary houses the database. I installed a second zcm primary server to handle imaging and I installed a third to handle bundles and policy distribution using the Default Closest Rule Set. Note: None of these are Satellite servers.

Right now, my primary (original) zcm server with the embedded database is getting hammered. I know the ideal solution is to separate the primary server from the embedded by moving to an external database.

My question is, instead of exporting the database and housing it externally on let's say the third primary that I had set up, but ...

modify the third primary zcm server's zdm.xml for the embedded option to be "false" and then make the original primary zcm server a child of the third primary zcm server in the zone hierarchy.

Wouldn't this force the third zcm primary server to become the "master" and treat the original server as an external database store?