I'm probably asking for the impossible but I thought I'd give it a try


We have a BM 3.7 server running NW5.1 SP5 it has a R/W replica, also
the network are two NW 4.11 SP9 servers one has the Master replica the

other a R/W. I can log into the NW 4 server accross the VPN fine using

IPX from a Win98 workstation and I can log into the NW5 server using
Ok. What I want to be able to do is log into the NW4 server from a
workstation, now I know IPX isn't supported by the VPN client under
Win2k but is there a way to route things through the NW5 Server?

I did a quick test and I was able to map a drive to the sys volume on

the NW 4 server with the R/W replica whilst being logged into the NW5

server using IP. If I try to map a drive to the NW4 server with the
master replica I get an error and if I browse to it the SYS volume
appears empty.

What are my choices in getting this to work?