We are finishing up our migration from NetWare 6.0 to OES2 SP2 (Linux) and have started to notice something weird. When our users login in the morning, we have found that they are making seemingly random connections to servers that they should not be touching (in addition to the one they have pointed to under Advanced). An example would be:

User logs into oeslin101
Under Novell Connections he will see (all with the same user name, auth state, tree and trans type):
- Tree
- oeslin101 (r/w replica of root, on the same LAN as the user)
- oeslin200 (master of root at the data center, across a WAN link from the user)
- netware6 (r/w replica of root, across a different WAN link from the user and data center)
- oeslin102 (r/w replica of root, across a different WAN link from the user and data center)
- Maybe more . . .

If the user logs in with Workstation Only, then uses the red N to login, he will see his own server and maybe one or two others, but not as many as if he logs in right when Windows boots.

I cannot figure out why they are attaching to servers that are not listed in their Login Script, they don't have any explicit rights to files and folders defined, etc. How can I start troubleshooting where these connections are being created? The users are insistent that it is causing slight delays compared to if they Detach from the servers they don't need. More importantly to me, if I reboot a server that I don't expect any users to be connected to because they don't use it for anything, it's annoying to get dozens of tickets submitted because they got a pop-up that a secondary or tertiary LDAP or DNS server went offline. They panic as if it's their own because they don't know our naming standards well enough to know what their local server is named.